Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Library 2.0

Dr Wendy Schulz describes four versions of libraries in To a Temporary Place in Time. I think library 4.0, the neo-library will become the most important in the future. Libraries should and will take a page from bookstores and make the library a place where patrons can relax and feel like they are at home, except without screaming kids, the list of household chores needing to be done, and surrounded by people who share similar interests. The  library will become the modern day bar for non-drinkers.  Library 2.0 will take a vital part of creating a global community in the local library through checking out book and movie reviews before borrowing them, to checking out what other local libraries have to check out. The librarian will be there to facilitate finding information, as well as organizing and planning community event to take place at the library. The library is quickly becoming a central part of our communities just as churches and bars were decades ago.


  1. I agree with you Ryan that many libraries are going to undergo a great deal of change in terms of physical lay out. The library I used to work at at Nazareth College underwent some major renovations after I graduated. It now has more study group rooms, more computer work stations, a coffee shop up from with booths to just sit and chill, the DVDs (aka NazFlicks) were moved to the front, and the entire bottom floor, which used to deal with ILLiad, serials, and DVDs is now all IT. There definitely is such a strong emphasis on technology, media, and more study areas. And the coffee shop area reminded me of a Barnes and Nobles. It's nice, but so different than the "old-fashioned" building where the stacks of books took center stage. It will definitely be interesting to see how libraries are going to look in the future.

  2. Keep an eye on discussions about the Heart of the Campus in relation to UB's transformation of the traditional notion of libraries. Also keep an eye on the mention of the phrase "learning commons" for info about a different perception of an academic library.

  3. I would like to go into a library and have the atmosphere academic primarily, but comfortable and user friendly.