Saturday, September 24, 2011

RSS and Newsreader

I really enjoy using RSS. I always love technology that does what it is supposed to do, make tasks easier. Instead of going to every site to see the stories on them, I can just go to my RSS feed. Personally I love news, general commentary, sports, and tech sites, and when I’m subscribed to a number of these sites, I can find articles I want to read right off the bat. Libraries can use RSS to quickly view multiple book reviews of the same book and decide if they should purchase it or not. My only concern is that by bypassing the advertisements on these websites, its taking an important revenue source away from them I would hate to start paying subscription fees if some of these websites become too unprofitable.

The method I found easiest to find newsfeeds was by clicking “add a subscription” and then searching for a subject or website that I wanted to add. Some Useful newsfeeds I found were NPR, and the Reader’s Club.  I didn’t find too many useless newsfeeds. By far the best way to find newsfeeds is by searching for them with the add a subscription feature.  Here's my site:

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